Scouts Troop

The Scout Troop is the scout section for scouts between the age of 11 and 15. The troop is currently divided into 5 Patrols with 8 scouts each.


Meetings are normally held every Saturday between 1730 and 1945 hrs. The scouts are expected to come in their activity dress (the Victoria Scout Group T-Shirt or Sweat-Shirt and group scarf). Each month the patrol leaders and their assistants, who are the scouts in charge of the individual patrols meet for the Patrol Leader’s Council (PLC). During the PLC they decide on the Troop’s programme for the upcoming months and evaluate the previous meetings. The PLC is run by the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) who is not within any Patrol but helps the troop leaders by acting as the bridge between the leaders, the PLC, and the rest of the Troop. One of the leaders is usually present as well for the PLC to discuss with them the meetings in question. Once every three months a Troop assembly is also held where all the members of the Troop voice their opinions on past meetings and discuss what they would like to do in future meetings.

The Troop leaders also meet once a month to discuss the minutes of the PLC, the Troop and its programme.

Every month, the PLC tries to organize from one to two outdoor activities where all the activities have a particular theme that caters for the Troop’s Personal Progressive Scheme (see below). Most of the meetings are organized and run by the scouts themselves.

A sample three-month program usually includes:

  • Hikes
  • Cookouts
  • Treasure hunts
  • Sports
  • Orienteering Exercises
  • Pioneering Sessions
  • Service — both internally within the group and also in the community
  • Games
  • Camps

Personal Progressive Scheme

The Troop structures its meetings around the Troop programme which is a personal progressive programme employed by the Malta Scout Association.

The Scout programme is structured over five levels each building upon each other to act as a parallel programme to what a scout learns in his formal education at school. The Troop programme touches upon several areas of development including: physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual — all of which form a responsible character.

The programme’s framework is built around a journey, one which the scout starts upon joining the Troop and continues as he meets up with his patrol, participates in activities with them, and learning something new along the way up until eventually passing on that knowledge to those starting the journey. It is built in a way that encourages scouts to explore the various areas that scouting has to offer, not just by themselves, but in a group of peers as well!

A full description of all these requirements can be found in the Troop Book. It is available from our headquarters and costs around €9.75. This book can be used by the Troop until he is 15 years old, after which he will join the Venture Unit.

Apart from the progressive scheme, scouts can also achieve several proficiency badges which they can get by developing their skills and interests.


The current adult leaders, who offer their services on a voluntary basis, are:

  • Group Scout Leader Jesmond Scerro known as GSL
  • Scout Leader David Grech known as SL David
  • Asst Scout Leader Mario Galea known as ASL Mario
  • Asst Scout Leader Jean Pierre Scerri known as ASL Jean Pierre
  • Asst Scout Leader Ryan Azzopardi known as ASL Ryan
  • Asst Scout Leader Frank Muscat known as SL Frank
  • Asst Scout Leader Alan Cini known as ASL Alan
  • Asst Scout Leader Jean Paul Abela known as ASL Jean Paul

Latest Scouts News

Latest information on the Troop

President’s Visit to Gozo

President’s Visit to Gozo

On Saturday 4th May, H.E. the President of Malta Myriam Spiteri Debono paid her first official visit to Gozo. The Victoria Scout Group was part of the welcoming party and provided a guard of honour at Independence Square. The President of Malta is the Patron of the...

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Good turn at Easter Camp 2024

Good turn at Easter Camp 2024

On my honour, I promise to do my best to do my duty to God and my country, to help other people at all times and to obey the Scout Law. – The Scout Promise A good turn carried out by the campers at Easter Camp was that of collecting funds for Puttinu Cares Children’s...

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Scout and Guide Annual Rally 2024

Scout and Guide Annual Rally 2024

On Sunday 21.04.2024, the Victoria Scout Group took part in the Scout and Guide Rally held in Valletta. The morning started off with a mass at St. Publius Church in Floriana. At the end of the mass, all Scouts and Guides renewed their Promise. Later the Group joined...

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